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Updated: Jan 29, 2022

If you know me (even a little bit), you know that I love sharing joy! Be it through my jewelry, baked goods, a funny cat post or an outdoor adventure. Well... enter my blog. Here’s where I’ll chronicle it all as it relates to my little jewelry studio!

Let me introduce myself …

I grew up in Connecticut and called it home until I ventured west at 17 to the University of Colorado. My main reason for heading to a place that I’d never been was wanting to live somewhere that always seemed like summer camp! Nailed it!! After graduation, I ski bummed in Vail living in a cabin with no running water for two years , then made my way back to school to earn my teaching certificate. I taught English and Social Studies for 7 years in both Denver and in Nederland. Switched paths and became a personal chef for several years and then found myself ‘stringin’ beads’ 13 years ago and that’s all she wrote (for now). As I like to say, “Life is long and there’s lots to do!”

In August of 1995 I married the sweetest man in the world, Brian. That’s 26 years of love, adventure and a whole lot of laughing (And really good food)! We’ve been fur parents of one pooch, Otis and many cats: Crockett, Louis, Bobo, Arley and our current furry loves: Reggie, Skeeter and Daisy!. Enjoying the outdoors with friends and family is our greatest joy and we are so fortunate (mostly cuz we have the best pet sitters!) to be able to bop from Oregon, Cape Cod , Utah, British Columbia (or wherever!) chasing the next activity…or lobster!

What is this blog all about …

We’ll focus on the jewels, of course - trends, gem meanings and properties, styling how-to’s, gift guides, etc and then I’ll pepper in a little lifestyle action for all those curious minds. I’ve been sharing my gem knowledge, styling tips and stories verbally for ages but I’m most excited to have a place to keep this information evergreen. My goal for this blog is for all of my customers and readers to find daily style inspiration, a new favorite accessory, useful advice and gem knowledge, and overall relatable content.

Thank you for being here …

Finally, thank you for being here and sharing my world with me! I am truly blessed to have such lovely customers and can’t wait to welcome new folks to the fold. Please leave me any ideas or things you would like me to touch on! Also, join my e-mail newsletter to see all the latest blog posts. Thanks again, friends!

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