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Chickens and Feathers

Some days chickens; some days feathers. The first time I heard that was from a friend when I was in teacher school. I never knew if it was a real saying but it stuck with me. More or less, it means sometimes things are going your way and sometimes, well, life throws you a curveball. Apparently, it stems from fox hunting but I'll spare you the gory details!

It’s funny because recently I had been feeling so incredibly fortunate; particularly in the aftermath of the Marshall Fire here in Boulder County that destroyed over 1000 homes and devastated our community. I was almost feeling guilty about it. I, who live, in a fire zone, have been spared over the years through many wildfires. Then, I was given so much adulation when I offered to make pet charms for those who had lost their pets in the fire, and I truly did not feel worthy given the lengths others in the community were going to help the fire victims.

I reminded myself to just feel grateful and carry on. Feeling guilty doesn’t help another’s plight. So I headed off on vacation last week to Revelstoke B.C. (with 15 of my closest friends!) and while the skiing was not exactly stellar we were having a great time and then, boom. Literally. Caught and edge and fell so hard straining or spraining my groin. Damn. A case of the feathers.

Trying not to feel sorry for myself, knowing I was still with so many of my favorite people, but also knowing I was missing 2 days of skiing on this long awaited vacation. Clearly, I managed, but mostly because of the love, support, kindness and humor of my friends. From (literally) carrying me like Cleopatra before we found some crutches to giving up their seat I first class so I could be more comfy. Chicken indeed.

Then we came home to a very sick kitty. If you know me well, you know my favorite things are cats, skiing, biking, baking, jewelry, wine and laughing (not necessarily in that order, but cats always first!) Off to the Vet ER we went for 36 tumultuous hours of worry and stress. Again with the feathers. I posted all of this on social media and messages to friends and the outpouring of concern and love was overwhelming for both the injury and the sick kitty.

In essence, I was metaphorically, on the receiving end of the pet charms. And it all started to sink in. You can be a grateful giver and that’s a good thing, but sometimes you have to be the grateful receiver as well. Every small kind word, action, thought, prayer, note, gift or donation means something. It all adds up. It reminds us that we are not alone. There are always people to help you or hold you up; be they best friends or family or complete strangers. I believe this is a whole lot of chicken!

So both me and my kitty are back home and on the mend. I am stringing beads and he is playing with string. I love being at my jeweler’s bench surrounded by all of my gems and their ineffable meanings and powers. I feel like focusing on intentional gems that engender gratitude: Amethyst, Aventurine, Kyanite, Citrine, Rhodocrosite, Rose Quartz and Chrysoprase. (Yeah, I have A LOT of gems on hand!)

So I’m going to create pieces with all the gratitude in my heart both for what I’ve already got and what I can give. I want to say Namaste or something but I think I’m gonna go with Sparkle On! Bock Bock.

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