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This set of Kyanite and Aquamarine is a double decker of gratitude!

Gratitude is a mindset, and Kyanite is there to help us make the necessary shift in our perception to get to a place of gratitude.

This is a highly supportive gem that helps us ditch self deprecating attitudes and appreciate life as it is. With its energy guiding us, we can reflect on our lives from a much brighter perspective.

It helps us realize that there are good vibrations around us, making us glad to be where we are in life.

Aquamarine helps hope and good intentions color our perception, encouraging sincere gratitude. It does so by illuminating all the things that make us happy and amplifying their power in our lives.

We are able to see these things with more clarity, unaffected by fear or anxiety. Each day, it teaches us to go with the flow, reminding us that limiting beliefs and a mentality of lack only takes the joy of the moment from us.

Good and Grateful Kyanite & Aquamarine Necklace

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