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5 Tools Every Jewelry Maker Needs

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Hands down - if you want to craft, fix and fine tune your jewelry you need tools to make the magic happen. These are the tools I can't live without.

1. Hands

Whether I’m cooking or making jewelry I always seems to fall back on my hands ! (Probably why they look like little sausages!) You can just feel that extra bit of pokey wire that needs smashing down, or the rough surface that needs to be filed or sanded, or you can simply wire wrap with a little more love!

2. Files

I love soft things-cats, cashmere! But even metal can be soft if you file it long enough. It’s a time where I can mindlessly walk around the studio, file and touch, file and touch, until the metal becomes soft and buttery and will feel nice and cozy against the sweet skin of whomever wears it!

3. Hammers

While I’ve got to admit, I hate the sound of the hammer, man oh man, I love what it can do! Honestly, a couple whacks with the hammer on wire or sheet metal is like alchemy and it really brings everything to life! Not only does it create a lovely finish that is unique to the jeweler, it also ‘work hardens’ the metal making it stronger.

4. Rounds, Flats & Cutters (Pliers)

Basically the holy trinity of the jewelry making world! You can make so many things with these three tools! When I used to teach jewelry making I would hand these to the students and say, ‘I now give you the keys to the jewelry making universe! Twist, flatten, clip and voila you’ve got yourself a piece of jewelry!

5. Disc Cutter

I’m a big fan if circles. As is obvious in my work and the disc cutter is invaluable to me! Be sure to buy a quality one (Pepe!) otherwise you end up with mangled edges. There’s a variety of circle sizes to choose from. That and a sheet of your favorite metal and the canvas for creativity is endless!

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