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Dana's Holiday Picks

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Gift it. Wear it. These holiday favorites (both made by me and other fabulous Colorado makers) are the best of the best this holiday season. I mean, who doesn't need gift ideas this time of year.

My favorite holiday jewels

crowned jewel with pearl crown

The holidays are a time when even the most casual gal just might feel like gettin’ fancy. I give you The Crowned Jewels line. A variety of gorgeous bezel set gems with three freshwater pearls atop to give it an extra festive feeling! They come in different lengths and pendant size but they all have that extra special feel that makes you feel like downright royalty.

The ‘Gem Dot’ Earrings are an absolute Go-To as both a gift and the answer to, “Aaah, what should I wear with this!?” The earrings have a background of either a

brushed Sterling or Vermeil (24K plated Sterling) disc and the gems run the gamut! The gem against the brushed metal really sparkles and the whole piece simply adds a little pop to your look! For, the holidays my favorite gems for these particular earrings are Ruby, Garnet and Emerald…naturally.

The 5 Circle Dangles are another recommendation I always have for those trying to find the perfect gift! In Goldfill and Sterling Silver, the earrings are 5 lightly hammered circles that catch the light and really create a little bit of dazzle. They are so light and comfortable and well, like the song says, “Five golden rings!” Or silver, of course.

Gifts from other Colorado Makers

Khala Cloths - These are simply the perfect stocking stuffer! The family run business of Asa and Tamar McKee are saving the planet one Khala Wrap at a time. These ever so useful replacements for Saran Wrap and Tin Foil are made of beeswax are reusable and adorable! Available in several sizes and design, whether you’re keeping bread fresh, wrapping an avocado or covering a plate of cookies, these are a great item for every household!

Knots Custom Wood - I’m almost embarrassed to say how many things my husband and I have bought from Tina Hoffer of Knots Custom Wood! From Charcuterie Boards, to cutting boards to salad servers, everything Tina makes is stunning! She hand selects each piece of wood and then carefully grinds semi-precious gems which she then inlays in the knots of wood to make epic one of a kind gifts! Whether you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift or the absolutely perfect wedding gift, Knots has something for you!

Penni Olive - Ericka Pardo of Penni Olive Fabrics seriously has an eye for fabric! She creates napkins, placemats and aprons in an array of sizes, colors and designs! Her looks are always bright and seasonal. From evergreen trees and skiers in winter to bright greens and florals in summer, her hand sewn crafts are truly delightful! Perfect as a hostess gift or for something under the tree, but I guarantee you’re going to want to keep them for yourself!

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