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How to Layer Necklaces - Perfecting the layered look

The stylists say that layering necklaces is the "it" jewelry trend, but for me it’s actually a timeless style that’s not going anywhere. The beauty of layering is it gives you a chance for personal expression and it lets you show off several of your favorite pieces, and who doesn’t love that?! I always say that all of my jewelry goes together because everything was made by the same pair of hands and is imbued with a particular aesthetic. Gold, silver, gemstones, metal pendants, it can all work together. Here are a few tips on how to achieve your personal layered look.

Different Chain Lengths

The easiest way to layer is to choose different necklace chain lengths. By choosing different lengths, each piece stands out but you also create a cohesive look that feels like it belongs together. While I generally make necklaces in 16, 18, 20, and 30” lengths, I’m happy to customize to help you achieve the look you’re going for.

Different ‘Style’ Necklaces

Some great combos are a single stone or trio pendant mixed with a longer gem chain necklace and a longer single pendant necklace (a crescent, a bar, a wing etc.) You can also mix all different types of necklace chains - like something chunky in there for fun. I like the chunkier piece to be in the middle but remember there are no rules. You can choose 2 necklaces or 5. Whatever suits you.

Consider the Neckline

Of course what you are wearing plays into your jewelry choice. You don’t want your clothing to compete with your jewelry. They should complement each other. Styling for types of necklines - both for your natural body and clothing cut makes a difference. It looks pleasing if the jewelry is on all skin or all fabric but remember, no rules. Also, consider the pattern of your top. If it’s a busy pattern you might want to wear all simple layers. If it’s a solid color color, here’s your chance to wear some of your statement pieces.

Combine Metals

Mixed metal jewelry combos are my favorite! Even my wedding set is mixed metals. Gold, silver and oxidized sterling really work well together in a layered setting! You have a blank canvas and colorful gems with mixed metals make a great look.

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